When you imagine a goat, a distinctive picture appears in your mind. For breeders, picturing any type of goat isn't specific enough. There are many different varieties of goats, each with special attributes, due to the efforts of breeders over the years. Goats are assessed at shows to determine which animal shows off the best qualities of its breed, and the winners are frequently used for breeding.

What Is Goat Breeding?

If left to their own devices, goats will naturally pair up and procreate. Goat breeding refers to the concentrated effort to breed two specific goats in order to create a kid with the best possible genetic traits. Breeders must consider which goats carry the best genes for their breed, including a goat's overall health, milk or fiber production and qualities, and physical attributes. There are many national registries detailing the lineage of goats to help breeders make an informed decision.