Family Tree

We are very proud to offer this new resource for all of those of you who have animals from our lines. 
As we progress through the years, it will be a valuable tool for all of us to have an idea of what the foundation individuals looked in every colored angora herd.

As a note to the tree viewer, this is not in a typical genealogical layout. Instead, the lines are grouped into seven foundation doe lines.

We are tracing most of the lines down through the dam, not the sire. The sire of each doe, when known, is above her name in smaller print. 

There one exception to this method seen in the Java line. This is a new outside bloodline to my herd and these individuals all trace back to a common sire, Java.

There is an overlap between the Debbie and Little Smoke line through Abdul, Babbett's sire.

I hope that this is easy to read and a pleasure to use. If you should have any questions about the Tree, please feel free to e-mail me.

DEBBI    ..................LITTLE SMOKE
     |                                      | Thomas
CHRISSI                                   ALAN
     | Rocky                                 ______________|____________
GERALDINE                      | Garret   | Geranimo        | Calleb   | Calleb
     | Geranimo                           FAWN    DONALD(m)  EVIE      GIDEON(m)
     | Aaron                          


BETH *Edwards Doe
    | Wylie                                                                 #36
MAY ___________________________________      | Haby Buck
    | Rocky                                                                 | Rocky #9103 ___________
KAYTIE ______________________                   #335      | Rocky                 | Haby Buck
    | Thomas    | Thomas     | Garret       | Garret          | Thomas #35/5                       #330
ABBIE          BONNIE    ..........    FAGAN    AARON(m)      | Thomas              | Aaron
     | Geranimo


*Rocky and White Doe                                                           HAZEL ___
 JEN ____________                                                                          | Rocky       | Rocky
   ................    | Aaron   | Calleb                                                           DIANE        BLUE
..............         ELLI       GENIE                                                               | Eli               |
     ............                                         ________________________ #261           .... D.J    
 ..........................                               | Garret    | Aaron          | Aaron     | Calleb           | Aaron  
                                                   FATIMA       DOROTHY   EMA   GRETA       ..FLOSSIE


PHONEX ___________________ JAVA(m) ____________
     | Aaron       | Aaron         |                    | Calleb      | Rama      | Rue                | Rue
ELIJA             DESTINY    GWEN     GAIL HONEY        COMET     SORREL
     | Aaron      | Red                | Amber


LARGE TEXT = Foundation Animals
MEDIUM TEXT = Line Individuals (Dams and Sires)
Small Text = Sires
Italic Text = Animal is deceased
(m) = Male (buck)
Underlined Text = Link to image
* = Original Sire
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